Why I won’t fight with Derek Sloan

Canadians are tired of old-style politics, which includes bickering among Leadership candidates.

Our grassroots know that we can only win when we are united.

Unfortunately, today Derek Sloan decided to put out an email based on an attack piece drafted by a former Liberal MP.

The blog contained completely inaccurate information that has been spread around the internet about me, which I have already addressed.

The blog, and then Derek’s letter, both go on to misrepresent my education and work experience. I have addressed these several times and have made my policies abundantly clear on my campaign site and in media interviews.

I would have also clarified this with Derek if he had reached out to me to have a conversation. As a leader, I will encourage all Conservatives to pick up the phone or walk across the hall to discuss issues with their colleagues.

But instead of turning this into another spat among Conservatives that the Liberals love to see, I’ll simply take this opportunity to clarify the record.

My academic papers addressing the need for green energy development - in particular solar energy - were studying the need for affordable energy in AFRICAN nations, where solar energy is much more efficient because of their location to the equator.

As anyone in Canada who has ever shovelled a driveway in the dark of February can attest, Canada is a little less efficient when it comes to solar energy.

Secondly, yes: I was absolutely promoting Canadian companies who had developed green technologies. I’m proud of these Canadian entrepreneurs who used their expertise to create affordable solutions for nations overseas that meet their local needs.

I have worked for Canadian companies that made millions of dollars selling these technologies to many nations that are not blessed with the oil and gas resources we have in Canada.

As Leader of our Party and as future Prime Minister, I would be honoured to lead trade missions that help more Canadian companies access international markets. Promoting our technology and helping developing countries operate in more environmentally friendly ways. I will also optimize our full potential to develop our natural resources including oil and gas, right here in Canada.

Canada’s energy companies have the ingenuity and resources to dominate all markets of the energy sector. If we start shutting doors on Canadian companies because as Conservatives, we fear terms like “green energy”, then we harm our economy and have chosen slogans over prosperity.