Who I am

Our campaign recently polled Conservative members to get their view on the CPC Leadership race.

Here’s some feedback I found very interesting:

These numbers are important to me because it means that by being true to myself, and by being unafraid to discuss the most difficult topics, we ran the most favourable campaign in the race.

It’s why our campaign of courage, compassion and common sense had the most unique donors not just in the last quarter but overall for the entire campaign.

We have proven that when we give the grassroots of our party a voice, we build something strong, positive and lasting.

In politics it is common to see people run one type of campaign, and then act differently once they are in power. But I can tell you: this is who I am.

Every letter has come from my heart and has expressed who I am and who I will be.

It’s why I wrote and storyboarded my Canada Day video message by myself. Because I wanted every word I said about this nation that I love to be straight from me to you.

*Editorial Note from Leslyn’s Communications Director: "This is true. And as anyone who has worked in communications before can attest, when your candidate says “Oh I already wrote a script”, you panic for a second. But it was powerful, honest, and so very Leslyn.”

I will run our party the exact same way I have run my campaign. I will be honest, accountable and inclusive, ensuring that everyone, no matter where you live or who you are, has a valued voice.

This is also how I will lead our country as Prime Minister. As the first among equals, as a Canadian just like you, who wants what is best for every single person in this nation.

I will never let the politics of fear overtake me. I will never stop speaking the truth even if it isn’t popular, and I will always lead courage, compassion and common sense.