Attend a Volunteer Training Session for Leslyn Lewis

You have been invited to attend a volunteer training session for the Leslyn Lewis Campaign. Please RSVP below and we will email you the link to attend the meeting.

Please note that we require your email address to send you the access code for the webinar.
May 23, 2020 at 1:00pm - 1:30pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Zoom Online Meeting
Nadine Ness Dana Gordo Sarah Ritter Nicholas Ndichu Roy Stubbs Carol Gaboury Michele McKenzie Kristopher Bonnett Carol Cotterall Groat Naomi Ierullo Susan Cunningham Karen Hannisse Vicki Macfarlane Tim Sinke Joseph Taylor Dameon Halstead Joshua Gayle Shirley Burnham Lynn Jackson R W Angelina Van Dyke Uba Anya Charan Hundal Cecilia Hilts Gaëtan Morency Laurie Mohan Godwin Cotter Mikayla Scholten Dennis Zimmerman Steve Stanczyk Thomas Bankole Ron Chidley Judit Haranghy Philip Thygesen Vasily Melnikov Anne Kyne Alexander Munro Caroline Friesen Oseye Cohen Emma Vandermeer Joshua Sluijmers Carlos Suarez Rubio John Bustin-MacDonald Bas Sluijmers

Will you come?

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