Uniting The Party

**A special note from Patterk Netser - MLA, Aivilik

To be a unifier one has to have ideas that can unite the party.

You cannot be blown about by the winds of the media.

And you have to be able to stay above the fray and show calm unshakable leadership.

The organization Elect Conservatives released a humorous video showing how the other candidates constantly agreed with Leslyn all throughout the debate from last week.

While it was a point of amusement throughout the debate, the fact is that Leslyn has ideas and policies that connect with every wing of our party.

Whenever people try to put her in a box she proves that her vision for Canada is too big to be confined to the trite labels often thrown around at Conservatives who dare to speak out about their convictions and principles.

Even though some have suggested that she would get praise in the media for using her Masters in environmental studies to champion the carbon tax with Conservatives, she has stood her ground and argued for what she believes is right.

And I have been delighted to see how she has conducted herself in public. Firm and steadfast with those who attack her, strong in the face of pressure, and as someone on her team, I can tell you that she is the perfect balance between being a listener and a leader.

I believe with all my heart that Leslyn has the personal qualities to unite our diverse party.

Her strong inner strength and conviction to keep herself together in the face of opposition remind me of my late dad who was strong and immovable in his convictions.

I look forward to standing with Leslyn in the next federal election and believe that Canada will see a leader they can trust.

If you believe in Leslyn’s campaign of courage, compassion and common sense, please consider making a donation to her campaign today.


Patterk Netser
MLA - Aivilik, NU