Trudeau tries to kill oil

Yesterday while most of Canada is still wrapped up in the depths of the WE scandal, the Trudeau government made another devastating announcement to try to kill our oil and gas sector.

The Liberals have no realistic plan to reach their own national emissions targets for either 2030 or 2050. Despite this, they are now going to force all new proposals for new mines, power plants, pipelines or railways in Canada to include plans to hit “net-zero” emissions by 2050 in order to have any hope of getting approved.

Once again, the Liberals' only “environmental plan” consists of killing our energy sector, which would actually have the net effect of INCREASING global emissions.

That’s not an environmental plan. That's not an energy plan. It's just a plan that is bad for all of Canada.

As Prime Minister, I will never hold one sector to a higher standard than others.

I will support our oil and gas industry, knowing that increasing the development of our energy resources is the best way to protect our environment.