Time To Put Canada First


I have a few campaign updates to share with you today, which are at the bottom of this email. But before I do, I want to speak about the ongoing situation with coronavirus, China and Canada.

The current COVID-19 crisis is a terrible wake up call for Canada.

We left ourselves vulnerable to a totalitarian regime that deceived us and the world to the manifestation and migration of the virus.

Our government has blindly followed the data from China, and has responded with measures that are consistently “too little too late”. We let China be responsible for half the world’s production of swabs, gowns, masks, ventilators and other essential medical equipment, which has resulted in Canada and our allies arguing over a limited amount of supplies.

Trusting China and the World Health Organization (WHO) and our own misplaced trust, logic, reasoning, and pride has escalated the COVID-19 crisis we are now facing today. This fact has been confirmed now that the belated modelling is finally coming out.

Canada’s government has let us down!

We should be following democracies like Israel, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong who have flattened the curve dramatically by having a secure supply of all medical and protective equipment. They have pursued their own national interest and developed a protocol based on testing, contact tracing, isolation and containment, and in many cases, universal facemask use.

We need to totally rethink what is in the best interest of Canada when it comes to trade and the security of essential supplies. The Communist Party of China cannot be trusted as their only objective is world domination through adversarial trade practices that compromise other nations’ sovereignty and national security. The people of China themselves are victims in the games of the Communist Party, and their ability to thrive in the face of a ruthless regime should inspire us to stand up to the Chinese government as well.

As leader, in light of the crisis in which we now find ourselves, I will restructure our trade priorities, international relationships, and define and determine our course forward with the safety and security of Canadians as my number one priority.

A Few Campaign Updates:

Caucus Endorsements. I have a deep respect for our great Parliamentary Caucus team, so as an outsider to politics, it's especially meaningful to receive my first endorsements from sitting MPs. Thank you to Richard Bragdon (NB), Rosemarie Falk (SK) and Tamara Jansen (BC) for joining our growing campaign! You bring fresh wind to our sails, and help keep the momentum going.

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