This week's tragedies

We’ve seen some pretty terrible things this week.

To be honest I haven’t been able to watch the full video of the despicable treatment of George Floyd. It makes me physically ill.

The riots, the anger and fear, it’s all brutal.

In Toronto, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a young girl in the midst of a mental health episode fell from a balcony and died following an interaction with law enforcement.

Then in Montreal, we saw a despicable act of anti-semitism. A synagogue hatefully vandalized and a total desecration of their Torah scrolls. Sacred in Judaism because they believe they contain the words of God.

Words matter. They are powerful.

We must speak about these issues plainly. Hatred. Racism. Mental health. These are difficult issues but it is important that we are precise with our speech.

We can’t dance around people’s feelings and emotions if we are going to solve these serious problems in our society.

We must focus on speaking the truth. Lovingly, but honestly. We might offend each other sometimes. But in my opinion, that’s ok if it ultimately brings us closer together.

My thoughts are with all the families and loved ones of the victims. My prayers are for peace and that the citizens of both countries will have their faith restored as justice is done.

I pray that these horrible incidents will lead to loving and truthful dialogue. And that together we can find healing and hope.