This is wrong

I am extremely upset about what is taking place today.

At a time when so many Canadians are suffering, fearful for their futures, and struggling to meet basic daily needs, Justin Trudeau has raised the carbon tax by 50%.

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t like attacking my opponents in this race or in other parties personally, but the only way to describe this tax increase today is cold and calloused.

This is the exact opposite of what Canadians need at the moment. 

Nearly half of Canadians are worried about whether or not they will be able to pay their bills, and this crisis is still getting worse.

This Liberal government has been slow to get money into Canadian’s pockets to help them deal with this pandemic, and in the middle of everything they are raising the cost of virtually everything.

We need to protect our environment.

But this isn’t how.

Raising taxes on Canadians in the middle of a crisis borders on cruelty.

And to add insult to injury, Justin Trudeau is getting a raise today.

The salary of every single MP is going up today, and while our current leader Andrew Scheer and many other Conservatives have already promised to donate their raises to charity, Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Liberal party have been silent.

It doesn’t matter what party you support, the well-being of Canadians is at stake and the Government needs to get serious about putting them first.