They don't want me on the ballot.

I believe that the Conservative Party is the last true big-tent political party in Canada.

As pro-life, social conservatives, we play an important role in the future success of the Party.

But others want people like you and me to just go away.

Have a look at some of the responses I’ve received to my recent emails:

"I don't want to do anything with Pro-Life people, not even by email."

"As a woman you should be ashamed of yourself...Get a life and get educated."

"Will you ban the misogynistic practice of being pro-life?"

"Don't send me...emails about your sh***y values."

"Educated people have left the old sky God crap behind centuries ago. Get a life and see you later."

"You are not a conservative you are a religious idiot."


We're not going to win the next election if we let pro-life and social conservatives get pushed out of the party.

That united Party includes you, as someone who holds pro-life and/or social conservative views.

We can show these critics that they can’t just silence us.

Let’s win this...together.