The West Wins with Leslyn

**A note from MP Jeremy Patzer (Cypress Hills - Grasslands)**

As Westerners, we know that the sense of alienation felt across our region is nearing a crisis point.

It's more than a frustration. Many of us are seeing anger take root as decision after decision is made in Ottawa by a Government that does not seem to understand - or care about - the critical role the West plays in keeping Canada's economy strong.

We know that if change is going to come, we need to replace Justin Trudeau and his Liberals with a Conservative government.

But to win the next election, we need the right Leader.

That's why I'm supporting Dr. Leslyn Lewis to be the next Leader of the CPC.

Recently an independent polling company showed Canadians the profiles of the four CPC Leadership candidates*. Leslyn's profile came out ahead in every region across the country.

The important point for us as Westerners: Leslyn wins right across the country.

She can win here in the West. She understands the real frustration experienced here, and will advance pro-energy policies to help get our economy back on track. She will stand up for lawful firearms owners, and will make sure that future changes to equalization are fair to the West.

And she can win in Ontario. In almost every Zoom call that Leslyn has had in Western Canada, the question is asked: "Can you win seats in Eastern Canada? Because without that, our votes in the West alone can't get rid of the Liberals." These numbers show that she can win seats in battleground provinces like Ontario. This is critical if we're going to win the next election.

If we continue to run the same type of leader over and over again, we will be at risk of suffering the same crushing defeats again and again. It’s time that we have a fresh face and a new voice as leader.

That Leader is Leslyn Lewis. 


Jeremy Patzer
Member of Parliament, Cypress Hills - Grasslands