The vulnerable are out in the cold

I was grieved to read this today.

The Liberal government is leaving some of the most vulnerable Canadians out in the cold.

Every single day Justin Trudeau gives a press conference and is offering some new funds to one group of Canadians to another.

They have admitted that their policy is essentially give money now, ask questions later.

But one group has been totally left out in the cold.

Survivors of human trafficking.

The vulnerable girls, and boys, women and men being trafficked in Canada are not able to just “go home” to self-quarantine

They still need our help, and the organizations who are on the front lines helping them have lost their funding.

During the election the Liberals promised them money. They claimed they had a plan to help them.

Instead they have nothing.

In a time when government programs to assist nearly everyone are popping up with almost no planning, the government couldn’t be bothered to follow through on their own plan to protect the vulnerable.

I have based my campaign on courage, compassion and common sense. 

There is no compassion in this decision. No common sense.

I have released a 5 point plan to combat human trafficking and protect the most vulnerable among us.

  1. Re-establish the national action plan to combat human trafficking.
  2. Legislative adoption of the most widely accepted international definition of human trafficking known as the Palermo Protocol. 
  3. Strengthen criminal penalties against human traffickers to ensure that those who take advantage of the vulnerable in our society are punished for every single life they harm. 
  4. Create a public awareness campaign about the reality of human trafficking in our society.
  5. Commit to keeping in place the Nordic Model to combat sex-trafficking in prostitution

A Canada without compassion is not Canada at all.