The soul of our nation

The soul of our nation is being torn apart and it is absolutely vital that we elect the right leader that will unite our party and our nation.

I pledge to be a unifying voice of this nation. Not as a lone hero, but as a representation of all Canadians who believe Canada must remain a free nation, and the greatest example of a healthy democracy in the world.

I will invest all my resources, my time, my life; I will sacrifice time with my family, I will endure attacks, and I will do so cheerfully and dedicate every fibre of my existence to the survival of the soul of this nation. 

I will work as if the survival of this country depended upon me alone, while putting forward a vision born out of collaboration with our entire party.

Our country is in danger of losing our way of life and it is up to you to decide which direction we will go in. 

The time has come to fight for liberty, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. 

We must resist the lie that only a select few, are capable of running this country while the rest of us need to be micromanaged by the government. I know how to work hard and achieve exceptional goals, and that is exactly what I will do as leader of the party. 

The government exists to serve the people, not the other way around. We must demand that our elected officials act in accordance with our will. We will not capitulate to the socialist agenda of the liberals, nor will we submit to foreign interference by international organizations or even the United Nations.

We are a democracy. The farmers, oil workers, bus drivers, nurses, doctors, teachers, construction workers, clerks, accountants, fitness trainers, cashiers, and every other person in this country must have our voices respected! 

I stepped into this race because I believed that the grassroots of our party needed to be represented in our party’s leadership. I believe that everyday Canadians need to see a Conservative leader who puts their interests before their own.

I see the soul of our nation being torn apart, and I vow to fight with everything I have to bind our nation back together, in service to you. 

I promise you that I will always respect you, and I will lead not as your hero or superior, but as the first among equals!