My Plan for the House of Commons

A question I've been asked several times since I became a Leadership candidate is:

"What's your plan to hold Justin Trudeau to account in the House?"

It's a fair question to ask a political outsider who isn't a sitting MP. 

As someone who has made a living in the private sector, I am a big believer that when a job needs to be done, you draw upon the strengths of the best and the brightest. 

As a leader, I am not intimidated by talented people. In fact, instead of playing politics as usual and trying to grab all the spotlight, as Leader I am excited about working with our extremely talented caucus to defeat the Liberals.

This is why, if I win the CPC Leadership, I will ask talented MPs such as Candice Bergen, Pierre Poilievre and others to play prominent roles in Question Period and the House of Commons, until I am able to secure a seat.

Should there be an early election this Fall, then obviously holding a seat won't matter, because Parliament will be dissolved. 

To be clear: neither Candice or Pierre are endorsing me. Both of them have remained neutral in this Leadership race, and I completely respect that.

I wanted to share this today for two reasons:

1 - to be transparent about my plan for Parliamentary accountability; and

2 - to make it clear that as Leader I will work with our entire caucus to get the best results for Canadians.

Conservatives only win when we are united.

Our caucus is full of talent, and at the end of this Leadership race, I look forward to working constructively with all our MPs and Senators to advance a positive, Conservative agenda.