The Experience Needed to Win

Canadians are tired of politics as usual. Members of the Conservative Party of Canada are no exception.

Recently the Erin O’Toole Campaign has sent out messages under the names of other people to call my experience into question.

I plan to do politics differently. My focus is not on trying to point out the shortcomings of others. Instead, my campaign focuses on what I am offering members in terms of policy, and uniting the Party.

Conservatives only win when we are united, and I will always do my best to walk the talk when it comes to Party unity.

But when one of the other candidates publicly raises concerns about me that I disagree with, I believe it’s fair to respond. Here’s why I believe I have the experience needed to win the next election:

  • Economic recovery is going to be at the centre of any government agenda as we work to rebuild post-COVID. As someone who has run her own business for almost 20 years, I understand the needs of business owners who will be key to the recovery.
  • I have international business experience. I want to use these skills to help open up new markets for Canadian businesses around the world. In particular, I want to get Canadian oil and gas on the market.
  • I have life experience growing up in a family that chose to make Canada our home. I can relate to the challenges new Canadians face, and help welcome them into our voter coalition.
  • As a political outsider, I’m also uniquely placed to oversee a full review of CPC HQ operations, which is important to many of our members.

Politics in Canada are changing. We can see that with the overwhelming momentum that we are experiencing on my campaign.

With more than 13,000 people donating over $1.5 million dollars so far, you can see that there is grassroots excitement for a message of courage, compassion and common sense.

I hope you’ll be a part of the movement!