Take Back Control

During this very challenging time, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and your loved ones.

It's important that we put the well-being of others first right now. I sincerely want the Prime Minister and our Premiers to succeed in this national fight against COVID-19.

For those of us putting our name forward to become Canada's next Prime Minister, we need to support our government during this time, but also advance concrete ideas that can help now, and protect against future outbreaks.  

The COVID-19 pandemic proves the danger of globalization and open borders.

Decades of weak liberal security policies have softened our borders to the point that the government is paralyzed to respond in a crisis.

We need to care less about political correctness and more about the safety of Canadians.

This soft border trend was taken further in 2018 when Trudeau signed the United Nations Global Compact on Migration. The  Compact undermines our national sovereignty and our ability to create immigration policies that meet our national needs.

Many hard-working immigrants in Canada had to wait years to legally come here. It is unfair that people illegally come into our country and jump the queue ahead of those who have followed the rules.

Late last week Justin Trudeau finally closed the border to people jumping from the United States to Canada.

It took a pandemic for this government to secure our border.

We need to take back control.

I will cancel Canada’s participation in the UN Global Compact on Migration to start strengthening Canada’s borders and restore integrity to our system.

Canadians alone should make decisions on who comes into our country - not UN bureaucrats.