Supporting charities, supporting communities

As Canada begins to consider what our “new normal” is post-COVID, here’s one thing that should NOT become the new normal:

Wasteful government bureaucracies and inefficient bailout programs.

Progressives, including the Liberals and NDP, fundamentally believe that big government is good government.

Their approach seems to be “Why let individuals, families or business owners make decisions for themselves when bureaucrats in Ottawa can do it for them?”

I believe less government is good government. And that includes how government deals with charities.

The Trudeau government is planning to send aid to charities...which is fine during a crisis.

Personally, I would have preferred that they would have adopted an approach to match donations made to charities, rather than rolling it out through various levels of bureaucracy. 

A true conservative approach is even better. Let’s reward Canadians who support charities by giving them an even bigger tax refund.

Our country is filled with churches, synagogues, mosques and many other local charities that already have a relationship with the vulnerable and downtrodden in their neighbourhoods.

I believe that the connections we build through serving one another in our communities is what helps give our lives meaning and purpose.

Ottawa is filled with hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats. But bureaucracy can never replace local charities.

Not only do community-based charitable organizations have a better understanding of the needs in their communities, they are run predominantly by volunteers meaning a much higher percentage of donations actually go towards reaching those who need it.

In order to encourage Canadians to support their local charities I am going to permanently raise the charitable tax credit to 40%.

I believe that as we rebuild our economy, we need to send less money to Ottawa and allow more of it to flow directly to the local charities who are already on the front lines and serving the vulnerable.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on increasing the charitable tax benefit here.