Strengthening Our Farmers

COVID-19 has revealed to us more than ever the importance of having a strong agricultural sector.

Canada’s farmers have been the backbone of our nation for generations and we cannot let the pain of the last few years impact their long term sustainability. The success and safety of our nation rests heavily on the success of our farmers.

Essential food and products needed in times of crisis are not simply a food or supply issue, it is a national security and safety issue. We cannot be reliant on foreign governments in times of pandemic.

The Liberals' disastrous foreign relations policies over the last 5 years has weakened our agriculture sector and placed many farmers' livelihoods in jeopardy.

Farmers who dreamed of handing down the generational farm to their children have had to consider selling to a third party as Liberal tax changes punish them for leaving their kids everything they worked to build.

Canadians who have a passion for producing food for the nation and the world have been forced to look to other options to keep their own families fed.

As Prime Minister I will take swift and decisive action to strengthen the economic outlook for our farmers and secure our agricultural sector’s position in Canada and on the world stage. I will do this by:

  • Reforming tax rules to more easily facilitate intergenerational transfers of farms.
  • Restore the AgriStability program to cover 85% of losses.
  • Invest in research and development to help the agricultural sector continue to lead the way in environmental standards through reduction/sequestration and adaptation.
  • Require that Canada’s agricultural sector be treated as an issue of national security in preparation for the next global crisis.
  • Repeal the Liberal's carbon tax which disproportionately impacts farmers.
  • I will use my international law experience to strengthen existing trade relationships and open new ones.

Canada will not succeed without successful farmers. 

Let’s work together to ensure a strong and united Canada is built on the things that made this nation strong in the first place.