Stop the Treaty

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Canada must not sign away our sovereignty on health care. But that is exactly what some of Canada’s leaders are trying to do, and there is tremendous pressure from around the world to make us do it.

The International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (WHO Pandemic Treaty) is due to be signed in May 2024. A meeting of WHO members was held in December 2021, and a second meeting will take place this month, when the wording of the treaty will be drafted.

The treaty includes 190 countries and would be legally binding. It defines and classifies what is considered a pandemic and would give the W.H.O. legal power over Canada’s pandemic response, including the ability to force lockdowns and dictate which drugs or vaccines can be used. If a pandemic is declared, the WHO takes over the global health management of the pandemic. 

I am calling upon Canadians to call their members of parliament and demand we stop Canada's involvement with this treaty.

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Whereas it is the responsibility of the Government of Canada to protect the health and safety of its own citizens, and maintain our sovereignty from international and private influences; we call upon the Prime Minister and all Members of Parliament to:

-Ensure that Canada retain its healthcare sovereignty

-Ensure the unelected WHO bureaucrats do not wield decision-making power over Canada’s pandemic response

-Decline to sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

We further call upon the Prime Minister to:

-Call a review of Canada's COVID-19 response, develop our own national pandemic strategy, and invest in our own healthcare system.


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