Selling security to china

Yesterday, Canada’s government made yet another bad decision in regards to China. They awarded a $6.8 million contract to Nuctech Company to supply security equipment for 170 embassies, consulates and high commissions around the world.

Nuctech company was co-founded by the son of former Chinese President Hu Jintao. There is no world where a Canadian company would ever be allowed to install security equipment in any Chinese embassy. So why are we letting a company with close ties to the Chinese politburo install security cameras and scanners at Canadian embassies?

Is our government willfully naive? The alternative to that is almost unthinkable. I call on the federal government to immediately cancel the contract and restart the tender process. 

When elected Prime Minister, I will order a full-scale review of business activities of all Chinese state-owned companies in Canada. And take swift and decisive action to protect Canadian companies and Canadians security.