Respecting the West

As I speak with more and more Westerners during this Leadership race, it’s crystal clear:

The disrespect Western Canada experiences from Ottawa on a daily basis is tearing apart the fabric of our national unity.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the final report of Alberta’s Fair Deal Panel. I am thankful for these experts who have dedicated their time and energy to help strengthen Alberta’s place in a united Canada.

Trudeau has made irresponsible decisions that have hurt Canada’s economy by micromanaging Western Canada.

I trust that Albertans know what is best for Alberta and I believe that provincial autonomy needs to be strengthened across the country in order to let our provinces thrive and work together.

I want to let all Canadians know that a Lewis Government will reverse the tide of disrespect flowing out of Ottawa, and strengthen provincial authority.

A united Canada is a strong Canada. Let’s build it together.