Pro-Life, No Hidden Agenda

Ever hear that Conservatives have “a hidden agenda”?

It is by far the most common attack made by liberal media elites against Conservatives.

And the most frustrating thing is that it works - especially against people like me who are pro-life.

It’s time to take that weapon away by being absolutely crystal clear on abortion.

As Conservative Leader I will:

  • Ban the misogynistic practice of sex-selective abortion;
  • Criminalize coerced abortions;
  • Increase funding for pregnancy centres; and
  • End funding for international abortions.

That’s it. Nothing hidden about it.

These are clear proposals that will not only result in fewer abortions, but are sensible pro-life policies that the majority of Canadians support.

When it comes to Private Members Bills (PMBs), under my leadership Members of Parliament will be able to put forward any bills that are important to them and/or their constituents - and everyone will be able to vote according to their conscience.

That’s democracy.