Political correctness is dangerous for women

The safety of men and women in the military should be our primary goal - not political correctness.

Historically, women have faced barriers in certain occupations, including in the military. These barriers will be made far worse under the new Liberal directive that the Canadian Armed Forces are no longer allowed to write “he” or “she” in official reports.

The government recently made large investments in attracting women to the Armed Forces and even produced an 85 page report only to now outlaw the use of the words "she" or "her".

How are they going to recruit women when they can’t even say “she” or “her”?

Just a few months ago the government settled with victims of sexual harassment and assault in the armed forces to the tune of $900 million.

How will the government be accountable for whether women are safer against sexual harassment if they can’t mention women in their official documents? 

On the most basic level: how is anyone even supposed to report an incident of abuse accurately? 

This isn’t practical. The government is erasing all the gains that women have made in the Canadian Armed Forces with this policy.

More importantly: it isn’t safe. 

The government has no right to erase the identity of women and men in our armed forces who still want to be referred to as “she” or “he.”

We don’t need over-the-top political correctness in Canada. 

We need a return to goodness and kindness.

That would be a truly inclusive country.