Peter's Anti-Democratic Proposal

In the past 24 hours, we have seen two politicians attempt to use COVID-19 to advance undemocratic agendas.

The first is Justin Trudeau, who I wrote about yesterday. He tried to manipulate Parliament to secure 21 months of blank cheques.

The second, unfortunately, is Peter MacKay.

Citing the coronavirus crisis as his reason, Peter called to rush the leadership vote, and cut off membership registration early, limiting who gets to vote in this race:

"The cutoff to become a voting member of our Party should be moved to be sooner, not later, and a vote should occur as soon as logistically possible." - Peter MacKay, March 23, 2020 (Campaign Email)

Peter's agenda couldn't be more transparent. He believes he's in the lead and wants this pesky leadership process to wrap up quickly, before more people can join who are drawn to the ideas and approaches of the other candidates.

I call upon Peter to withdraw his undemocratic proposal.

We can't count on that, however. Here's what I would ask today:

If you support me and are not a CPC Party member: sign up today. Only members can vote in the upcoming Leadership race.

If you are a member, reach out to at least one friend or family member and get them to urgently sign up. Anyone 14 years or older can become a member.

If you support Derek or the same. 

If you want to make sure Marilyn is on the ballot, you can go to her website and donate and/or provide signatures today.

We need to make sure we have as many members in the Party as possible. 

Coronations are not good for any political Party, and leadership does not have any shortcuts. 


Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase a membership to vote in the Conservative Party Leadership Race has passed. You can still contribute to the campaign here