Our Party Needs To Change

I have been a proud member of Canada’s conservative movement since before our legacy parties united as the modern Conservative Party of Canada.

I believe that we are the last big-tent Party in federal politics, but I know from my experience being involved in Conservative politics, that we can only win when we are a strong and united party.

Which is why I am concerned when I meet more and more Conservatives during this leadership race who have grown frustrated with our party and how it operates.

An alarmingly high number of current and former members tell me flat out: they don't trust our Party.

They believe in our principles and values, but their concerns have led some to leave and cast their vote elsewhere. Others still vote for us, but have stopped donating or volunteering.

For us to win the next election, we need to have our membership fully engaged, and we need to win back conservatives who have left the fold.

If elected Leader, an important part of my job will be to make sure that our Party operates in a way that earns and keeps the confidence of our members.

I know that our Party staff work hard, and want to see our Party succeed. But obviously a disconnect has grown between Party HQ and grassroots members which cannot be ignored.

If elected Leader, I will conduct a full review of Party operations.

An honest review will allow us to address these issues.

I have no agenda, and I will not be looking to make a show of force. But you need to know that your donations are being used wisely, and time spent volunteering is worth it.

Do you have any ideas about how to make our party an example of accountability and transparency? Please let me know here.

For our Party to win, we need to do things differently. That starts with our internal organization, and how we connect with grassroots members.