One Conservative Party

Our party is the only federal big tent party in the country.

It holds together when we decide to make it a wide and welcoming tent.

But some people are so obsessed with trying to expose cracks in our party that even the Green Party is publicly claiming they can steal supporters from us.

When we don’t retreat into our corners of the tent, but instead reach out and remember our shared values, we make each other stronger and can have healthy and vigorous discussions about our different viewpoints.

Real leadership is realizing the strengths throughout our party and bringing people together, not dividing people in order to rally one side to drive out the other.

Stephen Harper held our party together for nearly ten years, but sadly it seems like all that some members of our party took from it was that they love the feeling of power.

But this isn’t about power.

It's about the future of Canada.

We are facing the worst economic crisis in our lifetime and possibly in our country's history. 

Your shade of blue shouldn’t matter. 

It’s the red maple leaf on our flag that we look to.

I am encouraged to be receiving messages nearly every day from people who fled our party in the last few elections both to the right and the left, saying they see our campaign of courage, compassion and common sense and have returned to the big blue tent in order to vote for me.

That’s the kind of party I promise to build. That’s the kind of party that will attract Canadians from every region of the country.

That’s the kind of party that will win the next election and form a government that will put Canadians first again.

Let’s build it together.