My #2 Vote

Nothing says “politics as usual” more than trying to motivate people with fear. Saying “Vote for me because the other guy is worse” is becoming less and less effective as Conservatives and all Canadians are looking for more.

So when it comes to our CPC Leadership race: don’t let anyone try to scare you into voting a certain way. Each of us as candidates have the duty to earn your vote. You should vote because you’re inspired - not because someone tells you to be afraid of the other options.

Ballots are landing in mailboxes now, and many of you have asked: “How should I vote on my ballot? Who should I put # 2? What’s the most strategic way to vote?”

Here is the voting strategy I believe you should use.

For your number one spot: pick the candidate that shares your values and your vision for Canada. I obviously hope that this candidate will be me, and we can win this next election together.

But that’s your decision.

For your second vote you should vote for the candidate who you personally believe matches up next best with your vision for our party and for Canada. If there is only one candidate that you support, then you should vote for them - but I would encourage you to look at each candidate and their policies carefully.

Study their conduct as well, and see if they are someone you want representing our party in the next election and our country on the world stage.

Then vote for who YOU think is right.

I want to be very clear: I am not striking a deal with any other candidate in this race to tell anyone how to vote with their second, third or fourth slots on their ballot.

I am in this race to win it. If I do that, it will be because members decided to vote for me. Our members are tired of politics as usual, and that includes backroom deals.

The choice of the next CPC Leader is in your hands. Vote for the right candidate, with the right policies, with the right leadership style. Our party is a democracy, and the only thing stronger than my desire to win, is my desire to make sure that our members' voices are heard.

Together let’s build a party that is a shining example of honesty, accountability, and democracy.

And let’s put the politics of fear aside.