MPP Sam Oosterhoff | Why I'm endorsing Leslyn Lewis

Dear Friend,

I have an exciting announcement to make: 

I am very pleased to be joining the thousands of Canadians who are supporting Leslyn Lewis for the leadership of the Conservative Party. 

Leslyn has the courage, compassion, and common sense it takes to lead this great country into a brighter future. 

She speaks from the heart about how her family, faith, and hard work motivate her to fight for a stronger Canada - for everyone.From her childhood as a proud new Canadian, to her distinguished academic contributions, and her success as a business owner, Leslyn’s experiences resonate with Canadians from coast to coast to coast. 

Leslyn has always worked for the good of Canadian families, workers, job creators, seniors, and our most vulnerable, and I’m convinced that is exactly what she will do going forward. She’s in it for Main Street Canada, not Bay Street Canada.

I know Leslyn has what it takes to grow the Conservative Party, take on Justin Trudeau, win, and build up a Canada that is strong,united, and free!


Sam Oosterhoff, MPP
Niagara West