Liberals Want 21 Months of Blank Cheques

All Conservatives need to be aware of what's happening in Ottawa right now.

The Globe and Mail has reported that the Liberals are set to introduce a Bill on Tuesday that will give Justin Trudeau and his cabinet the power to increase taxes and deliver unlimited spending: all without Parliamentary approval.

Emergency measures may be appropriate for a short period of time.

But this goes until December 2021.

That means the Liberals can reverse the GST cuts that Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty worked so hard to bring into effect.

It means that they can re-institute the per-vote subsidy that we cut, which gives Canadian taxpayer dollars to the separatist Bloc Quebecois.

It means that debt will be piled on the backs of your grandchildren's grandchildren.

Obviously this is a difficult time for us as a country, and as I wrote earlier today, I want to see governments working together to defeat COVID-19.

But giving the Liberals a blank cheque for 21 months??

That's unacceptable.

Reach out to your MP - no matter which Party they belong to - and let them know that Canadians won't stand for this.

I wanted you and all Conservatives to be aware, so we can speak out together.