Leslyn Can Win With Millennials

For any organization to be successful in the long-term, it needs to engage and involve the next generation.

Political parties are no exception.

That’s why I’m concerned by recent polling numbers showing very few millennials interested in voting Conservative.

If we’re going to win the next election, we need to reverse this trend.

That’s why I’m backing Leslyn Lewis in this Leadership race.

When an independent polling company asked voters aged 18-34 who they felt would be best to lead the CPC in the next election*, here’s what they said:

These numbers reinforce what we all know: our Party needs to do things differently in the next election if we’re going to win.

I believe Leslyn Lewis is the best candidate to present our conservative values in a way that connects with younger voters.

If we do more of the same, we will get the same results.

I hope you’ll join me in helping Leslyn win this Leadership race, so we can start to focus on winning the next election.

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Rosemarie Falk

Member of Parliament, Battlefords-Lloydminster


*Exact text of polling question:

Below are four biographies. Choose the one you think would be best to lead the Conservative Party of Canada in the next election:

Male. Former MP and Cabinet Minister. Lawyer. Former Crown Prosecutor. Former leader of a political party. Non-visible minority.

Male. Current MP and former Cabinet Minister. Air Force veteran. Lawyer. Non-visible minority.

Male. Current first-term MP. Lawyer and former small business owner. Non-visible minority.

Female. Lawyer and entrepreneur. PhD in law and Masters in Environmental studies. Visible minority.