Is fighting COVID-19 racist?

Government’s number one job is to protect Canadians. Full stop.

But for the Trudeau Liberals, being politically correct takes priority.

Justin Trudeau cares more about political correctness than the safety of Canadians.

When COVID-19 first emerged it was clear that China was the source of the virus. It would make sense to limit or restrict air flight from China.

But Justin Trudeau refused. Why? Because the liberal media elite warned it might seem racist. So he kept Canadians at risk, until he was forced to change course yesterday and close our borders.

What should have happened immediately took weeks.

Sound familiar?

Remember how Justin Trudeau said Andrew Scheer “disqualified” himself from a meeting about the recent rail blockades, and implied Andrew was “racist” for insisting that the law be applied equally to everyone?

Then a few days later Trudeau was forced to do just that, because it became clear that it should have been done on day one.

Leadership takes guts and the courage to put Canada ahead of being politically correct.

Are you tired of political correctness putting Canada at risk?? Do you believe we need to take a common-sense approach and enforce the rule of law?