Huawei Decision

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has lost her court battle to have her extradition to the United States dismissed, and Canadians are right to have serious concerns about whether our government is prepared to stand up to increased backlash from China.

The Chinese government has made it clear that they in no way expected Justin Trudeau to actually allow for a fair judicial process.

And quite frankly, based on his track record, I can’t blame them.

Not just in regards to his own track record of interfering in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, but his constant deference to the Communist Party of China and his entire cabinet’s willingness to parrot false and damaging talking points throughout this crisis.

This past weekend, Meng Wanzhou had a professional “victory photoshoot” on the steps of the courthouse. 

Over more than 20 years experience working as a lawyer I have never seen or even heard of someone being brazen enough to do a celebratory photoshoot before a verdict was released.

Canadians deserve answers, not only from China, but from our own government.

Why was Justin Trudeau ok with the treatment of the two Michael’s detained in China, while allowing Meng Wanzhou to parade around and be treated like a celebrity here in Canada.

The fact is that while Wanzhou’s trial has been taking place, the two Michael’s have remained incarcerated -- not under house-arrest in multi-million dollar mansions, but in Chinese prisons with little access to even the most basic services that should be afforded to Canadian citizens.

Justin Trudeau needs to immediately secure the safety and return of the two Michaels. This is the priority. 

The Chinese government has not been trustworthy in regards to upholding basic human rights, have not acted in good-faith throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have little reason to trust them in the future.

Canadians want strong action from their government. And they expect it now.

Yesterday, Liberals in the house of commons stood up and actually said that a pandemic was no time to bring up issues of democracy and freedom with China.

They couldn’t be more wrong. We are in the middle of a crisis that the Communist government of China unleashed on the world through lies and misinformation.

They did it to protect their power, their influence on the United Nations, and their economic interests.

Canada cannot afford weak leadership any longer when it comes to dealing with China.

We need strong leadership today.

Our economy needs it.

Our healthcare system needs it.

The two Michaels need it.

Justin Trudeau must respond.