Energy vs Environment

Our party will win when we are able to put forward a true vision for the future of Canada.

It’s time to move past the tired arguments of “energy” vs “environment”. As Conservatives, we have always been the party that believes in protecting our soil, our air, and our waters.

And now we know that we can use our Canadian technology to continue to produce the oil and gas we need while showing the world how we can also lead in protecting the environment for not only ourselves but our children and grandchildren.

Canada will not get back on its feet after COVID without strong support for our all-important energy sector. We also know that partnering with Canada’s First Nations communities on energy projects is the best way to make our indigenous communities an equal partner in the prosperity of our country.

I have already made numerous commitments to both build up our energy sector and protect our environment. But unlike when the Liberals simply use slogans to claim they will do both, I have put forward actual policies including,

  • Eliminating the carbon tax.
  • Repealing C-48 and C-69;
  • And supporting funding to address the issue of orphan wells. It’s good for the environment, revitalizes farmland, creates truly “green” jobs and helps get laid off oil and gas workers back to work. 

Among other commitments that will both invigorate our energy sector 
and protect this nation that we love, I will also:

  • Work to decrease the cost of heating in northern and remote regions by prioritizing the development of SMRS (an emerging nuclear technology). As Prime minister, I will allocate research and development funds into this sector.
  • Establish a National Strategic Oil Reserve in order to ensure continued access to oil and guard against global shocks and even disruptive events like the illegal rail blockades. 
  • Restrict the dumping of raw sewage into our waterways. This is a reprehensible practise through which the Liberals have shown their hypocrisy by continuing to allow while claiming our party doesn’t care about the environment.

We live in the most technologically advanced time in history. Let’s move past the talking points from decades ago, and be proud of the fact that our Canadian energy sector IS the future of environmental responsibility.