Elections Canada and democracy

I jumped into this race because I believed that the Canada I grew up in - the country that gave me so many opportunities to succeed - was fading away.

Over the last several years we have seen many of our fundamental freedoms start to erode.

I am well aware that not everyone in our party and in Canada is a social conservative, and I don’t believe everyone needs to be.

In a free and democratic society everyone has the freedom to make up their own minds and participate in the political process.

But now Elections Canada is going after a group of pro-life Canadians.

I have had meetings with many small groups of Canadians who are passionate in advocating for the issues they care about. 

And I believe they are the lifeblood of our democracy.

They are definitely more vital to our political conversations than well-paid union activists.

More important than foreign special interest groups 

But Elections Canada is focused on investigating a pro-life group.

A group that did everything above board.

A group that filed all the appropriate paperwork with Elections Canada as a third party.

Are these really the people that Elections Canada want to remove from the political process?

Are these the kind of voices that they want to silence?

Our democracy must be protected. Our free speech is absolutely vital.