Attend a Webinar with Leslyn Lewis (Bi-lingual)

You are invited to attend a webinar with Leslyn Lewis for Eastern Canada. 

May 14, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Zoom Online Meeting
Kevan Manetta Gabriel Anderson Soonam Kim Valorie Robertson Elio D'Agostini Natalie Malbeuf Timothy Siebert Chris Whiteford Michael Romano Julie Bouwers Jean Pierre Ethier Christian Baril Jackie Overton Sharon Hamilton Darlene Letourneau Reg and Liz MacDonald Marie Trainer Claude Broussard Dennis Watts Lon Boehme Karen Alksne Helena Szakowski Olateju Ogungbe Michel Beaudoin David Chappelle Robert de Moissac Jonathan Camarda Martin Tran Richard van Banning Stephen Coaker Norman Reilly David Nagy Janis Ivanovs Norman Wittevrongel Janice Jones Zachary Turner Jane Nevelizer Ray Kindiak David Lehtinen Lillian Finlayson Barry Burchell Kendall Tanner Roy Stubbs Mireille Kattar Kenneth Anderson Kevin Gagnon Prentis Clairmont Jeremy Carpentier

Will you come?

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