Double Standards

Government should infringe as little as possible upon people’s rights and freedoms.

The best way to realize that you are infringing on people’s rights is to spot the contradictions in your laws.

The more laws and rules governments implement in a rush, the more likely government is to trample on our rights.

Just look at what is happening in Canada now:

Why are big businesses allowed to remain open while small businesses owners are forced to close? Why not just let businesses know what the standards are, and then let them meet them?

Why are churches, charities and non-profits unable to access a wage subsidy, but political parties and even NHL teams can?

I was disappointed to see our Party applying for the wage subsidy program, because I believe our standard should NOT simply be whether or not we are better than the Liberals. 

It should be whether or not we are an example of fiscal conservatism to all Canadians.

We must govern ourselves like we would govern the country.

Conservative members still care very much about being able to match the Liberals in the next election and if we are honest and transparent with our grassroots members, I have every confidence they will respond as needed.

I made fiscal responsibility a pillar of my campaign platform because I believe it is wrong to heap debt and unnecessary taxation on future generations.

Just because we are in a crisis doesn’t make fiscal responsibility wrong, it just makes it more difficult and takes more creativity.

As leader of our party I will pull out every stop to make the Conservative party a symbol in Canada of fiscal transparency, ingenuity and responsibility. 

By respecting our donors and members, we will show the country how a Conservative government will respect and honour the taxpayers.