Does Canada have religious freedom?

The COVID-19 Crisis has revealed many things about our government.

Its lack of preparedness.

Its reliance on countries who are not true allies.

And its total disregard for religious freedom.

To many of our politicians, the rights of people of faith is not a matter of principle, but only a tool for political gain.

This past week we didn’t just see a church investigated by the police for holding a service by sitting in their parked cars.

The federal government slipped in confusing language into their COVID-19 relief package, that has churches and other faith-based organizations concerned they could again be excluded from government support.

Simply put, freedom of religion is not a Liberal value. Justin Trudeau has proven this time and again. 

He banned ALL Liberal MPs from expressing pro-life views or voting for pro-life measures.

He changed the Canada Summer Jobs grant to disqualify any organization that held pro-life convictions. 

Demanding that Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and more compromise their beliefs in order to access government support.

And he shut down Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom, which was mandated to advocate for religious minorities and oppose religious intolerance around the world.

The only values Liberals accept are those that agree with their politically correct worldview and climate fundamentalist goals.

Enough is enough. 

I will entrench freedom of conscience in the Canada Summer Jobs framework to stop Liberals from picking and choosing based on religious beliefs. 

I will re-open the Office of Religious Freedom to help protect the freedom to worship around the world. 

And I will increase the Charitable Tax Benefit to 40%. Because our local faith based communities are a blessing to their communities and deserve to be supported, not attacked. 

Faith is a gift and must be protected.