Defending Ourselves

A nation without meaningful security is a nation without meaningful sovereignty. 

Standing up for both is going to take financial investment and power of will. 

And in Canada it is going to take a significant shift in our approach to China and its communist government.

This past week we found that a gold mine in our Arctic is being sold to a state-run Chinese company

There is no way that the government can allow this sale to go through. It was bad enough to see that the government was willing to compromise our security by giving a contract to install x-ray scanner systems in our embassies all over the world to a Chinese government-run company last week.

But if this sale receives approval from Ottawa, they would literally be allowing the Chinese Communist Party to buy up valuable land in our arctic, and give them an increased influence in an area of strategic importance for shipping.

We MUST stand up for our security. Our arctic sovereignty needs to be a constant priority for the Canadian government.

Our economy is important and we need to revitalize it, but taking the shortcut of allowing the Chinese Government to gain a stranglehold in Canada will have devastating long term impacts.

It’s time we started standing up for ourselves.

As Prime Minister, I will stand up for our Arctic Sovereignty. The Arctic is a part of Canada and we must be prepared to defend it.

To do so it is vital that we properly fund our military. Under my leadership we will increase our defence budget to 2% of our GDP. With new equipment and the means to protect our own borders we will finally pull our own weight amongst our NATO allies.

It is not surprising that China believes it can do whatever it wants when it comes to our sovereignty as we have never shown the willingness to stand up for ourselves.

A Lewis government will change course immediately. Our men and women in our armed forces will be properly equipped. Our economy will be treated as an issue of national security, and our borders will have meaning.

Canada must come first when it comes to all policies that deal with the health, safety and prosperity of our citizens.

From coast to coast to coast we will stand up for ourselves and our country.