Dealing With The UN

Canada needs a Prime Minister who will put the well being of Canada and the health and safety of Canadians first above all else.

Tomorrow Justin Trudeau’s multi-year long pandering campaign to the UN will mercifully come to a close. 

He has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars and pandered to unethical regimes all over the world - even amid a national health and economic crisis.

All to win a temporary seat on the security council of the UN.

The usefulness of the UN is highly questionable at the best of times. When you consider its constant denouncement of Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East, and that it regularly puts nations with the worst human rights records on its human rights council, it is disturbing to see the Liberals grovelling for its approval.

It makes it all the more upsetting to Canadians that the UN has felt so free as to dictate to Canada’s government what our policies should be regarding immigration, energy, and even issues relating to Indigenous Canadians.

This is completely unacceptable and no self-respecting nation should put up with it.

As Prime Minister, I vow to use my experience in negotiating international agreements and my Ph.D. in International Law to make sure that Canada is no longer seen as the pushover it has been for the last five years.

Under a Lewis Government, Canada will only respect agreements that are in the best interest of Canadians.

I will immediately withdraw from the UN’s Migration Compact and place other agreements under a microscope to ensure that Canada is not relinquishing sovereignty to any foreign entity on any matter. That includes a thorough review of the Paris Accord, and if it is found that it is encroaching on our sovereignty or not in our best interests, we will withdraw from it as well.

I know many Conservatives want to fully remove Canada from the UN, and I completely understand their reasons. But if you’ve been following along with my campaign it shouldn’t surprise you that I don’t often support blanket statements or one-size fits all policies.

As Prime Minister I will defend Canada and not sign on to agreements that compromise our sovereignty. But neither do I think it is responsible to remove us fully from the UN. There is international relief work that I feel can be supported, as we re-structure Canada’s foreign aid spending. UN goals such as helping more people in the developing world to have toilets and electricity, for example, are goals I personally support.

I have also been on record as publicly opposing the UN in the past. For example, when the UN-REDD policy prevented indigenous communities all over the globe from cutting down trees for firewood to meet basic food and subsistence needs, I gave international talks about the inequity being imposed by the advancement of overzealous environmental policy.

I was very clear that these policies were hurting the survival of real human beings and to impose them in the name of environmentalism would be out of touch, elitist and frankly, colonial.

It will be ironic indeed if the UN grants Trudeau his desired seat hoping for Canada to continue to be the cash cow like Liberals have turned it into, only next year to find a new Prime Minister at the helm with the will to put Canada first and a background in international negotiations.

Let’s regain our backbone on the world stage. Let’s stand up for Canada together.