Conservatives Actually Care

Conservatives care deeply about the environment. Ours is the Party full of people who hunt, fish, and like to get out into the great outdoors with their family.

I hold a Masters in Environmental Studies and know the Liberal talking points, but I believe OUR party is the one that actually cares about protecting our beautiful country.

I want to lead our Conservative team into the next election, ready to explain to Canadians our concrete plans to be good stewards of the environment.

Ours will not be a plan based on job killing carbon taxes or wealth redistribution schemes that do nothing to help the environment.

Our plan will do things that make sure Canadians continue to have clean air, water and soil. 

We will take real action, like dealing with “orphan” oil and gas wells in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia

This problem has gotten worse under the Liberals’ regime, because they have consistently done everything they can to suffocate Canada’s oil and gas industry.

As companies go bankrupt, they don’t have the money to properly shut down their wells, and these wells are orphaned. 

It’s not always a case of delinquency by oil and gas companies. Their economic situation, made worse by federal anti-energy policies, has led to a historic collapse in investment, businesses, and jobs in Canada’s energy sector.  

As Leader and Prime Minister, I will support funding to address the issue of orphan wells. It’s good for the environment, revitalizes farmland, creates truly “green” jobs and helps get laid off oil and gas workers back to work. 

But government funding alone isn’t a long-term solution. 

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs has a Private Members Bill in the House of Commonsthat makes common sense changes to financial rules that would allow for more private sector investment to address this growing problem.

MPs like Shannon show us how we can put forward truly conservative ideas that help the environment AND the economy.

As Leader, I want our next policy convention to be a time where members can put forward common sense, conservative solutions for the environment.