Canadians want to work

It is sad that many university students didn’t get to attend an official graduation ceremony this year.

But it is devastating that they are now competing for jobs with their unemployed parents, aunts and uncles.

Having a job is about a lot more than simply getting a paycheque. 

There is a dignity and a self-worth that comes from working, learning, and proving yourself.

Justin Trudeau has shown that he doesn’t understand the basics of a functioning economy by simply handing out money through endless, complicated programs.

It’s not only inefficient and a waste of taxpayers’ money, but the long-term impact of his failing policies is going to be devastating as businesses have been forced to choose between being closed or declaring bankruptcy.

Canadians and businesses need assistance in the short-term to make it through the COVID-19 valley, but the government's focus should be on how to move forward from this and get Canadians and our economy working again.

The Liberals should announce that all COVID-19 programs will come to an end in September and unveil a new plan focused exclusively on getting Canada working again.

I have announced several initiatives and I would be happy to see the Prime Minister steal any of them, so we don’t have to wait until after the next election to see improvements.

  1. Revitalizing our manufacturing sector by bringing production of essential supplies including medical equipment back within our borders.
  2. Allow income-splitting up to $70,000 per couple - allowing Canadians to get back on their feet by keeping more of their own money.
  3. Raising the charitable tax credit to 40% in order to invest in the effective and efficient work that local charities do in assisting the most vulnerable.
  4. Repealing Bills C-48 and C-69 which will help reopen the door to building more pipelines and getting our resources to market.

Canada was built by people who knew the value of hard work, and COVID-19 isn’t the end of that.

Our best days can still be ahead.

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