Abandoned Farmers

Canadian farmers have helped form the backbone of our country since its very foundation.

But in a time of crisis our government has abandoned them.

After a disastrous harvest last year, and losing billions of dollars in revenue due to the fights with China over our exports, they were already in dire need of government assistance just to be able to afford to plant this year's crops.

Then COVID-19 hit. And our farmers have now lost approximately 2.6 BILLION dollars to date.

What did they get in return?

First, the Liberals raised the Carbon Tax. A tax that already was hitting farmers harder than most Canadians.

Then after waiting nearly two months from the beginning of this crisis to offer them anything the government finally announced their relief package.

252 million dollars.

That’s basically ten cents on the dollar for their losses.

My question for our government is: where do they think Canada will be in the future without a strong agricultural sector?

Farming is not a hobby, it is not a fad...it’s a literal necessity for the health and survival of our country.

A post COVID-19 Canada needs a stronger agricultural sector, not a weaker one.

The Conservative party has been home to farmers across Canada for generations, and as leader of our party I vow that I will be their champion, both here in Canada and on the world stage.