A special note from Leslyn Lewis' Campaign Manager

My name is Steve Outhouse, and I serve as Leslyn Lewis’ Campaign Manager.

I am proud to have served in various Ministerial Offices during our time in government from 2006 to 2015. I had the privilege of working with incredible Ministers from across the country in different portfolios.

A number of people have asked: “With all your Hill experience, why would you choose to back an outsider like Dr. Lewis?”

Here are some of my reasons:

Fiscal conservatism. When I first met Dr. Lewis and had the chance to quiz her on her approaches to government, I admired her commitment to fiscal discipline within government. She does not blindly accept the narrative that “more spending = better results”.

I am excited to get behind a leader who will make the tough decisions required to put Canada back on track to fiscal balance post-COVID.

Party unity. I joined the Party because I believed in the core Conservative principles that are needed to form good government. It wasn’t until after I joined that I found out that because I am a person of faith, some people would put me in a category called “social conservative”.

Imagine my surprise when I read media reports and commentary after Election 2019 that claimed social conservatives needed to be sidelined in our Party.

Dr. Lewis wants to see all parts of our big, blue tent work together to win the next election. I know that she will stand up for social conservatives like me, but also work respectfully with others. We need this to happen if we’re going to win.

A fresh voice. I love our Party, and I have a huge respect for everyone who works hard to keep our Party moving forward, especially during difficult times.

However, we will benefit from a fresh, outside perspective coming in to review our party operations, and adopt new ways of doing things as needed.

But more than anything, it was Leslyn’s character and what she stands for as a person that won me over. Here’s a new video that may help you get to know Leslyn more personally:

Thank you for letting me share my reasons why I’m putting Dr. Leslyn Lewis # 1 on my ballot.


Steve Outhouse
Campaign Manager, Team Leslyn