A New Way

This weekend it was revealed that Justin Trudeau just had the government hand over a massive contract to a charity that his wife works with and that he has worked with multiple times himself; the charity also has many direct ties to the Liberal party.

They will be charged with administering nearly a billion dollars to students while being paid 19 million themselves to manage it.

This comes after all the scandals with the Canada Summer Jobs values test; after Trudeau has been found to have broken ethics laws multiple times; and, while the Liberals are still refusing to give any sort of fiscal update to Canadians about the hundreds of billions in new spending his government has rammed through.

To beat Justin Trudeau it is going to take more than offering a few tax breaks. It’s going to take someone who is completely different from him.

It is going to take an approach of transparency and ethics that is a complete 180 from how Trudeau has run his government.

I jumped into this race because I believed that the freedoms we enjoy as Canadians have been eroding for some time. I believe that even some people within our own party had started to forget the principles of freedom and accountability we were founded on.

It’s not just going to take a Conservative platform to defeat Trudeau, it’s going to take conservative ideals to defeat him. We must be totally different than what Canadians have seen from their government for the last five years.

I promise that under my leadership the Conservative party will show Canadians a completely new way to lead this country, and together we will defeat Justin Trudeau and start healing this country.