A Common Sense Approach to Public Safety & Firearms

Laws should keep Canadians safe, and get criminals off the street.

As a country, we need to improve public safety by holding those who commit crimes to account. We also need to make sure that the prison system has the real capacity to rehabilitate people, and not simply act as a revolving door sending criminals back into our communities.

When it comes to firearms, government action should focus on making sure guns are kept out of the hands of criminals, while respecting law-abiding Canadians.

And to make life easier for law-abiding Canadians, this means that firearms laws need to be easy for everyone to understand.

I’ll be honest: even as a lawyer, I found the Firearms Act to be confusing.

I’ve been listening to Party members who care deeply about this issue. Their message is clear: it’s time for a complete review of Canada’s firearms laws to make sure that they are actually doing what they’re supposed to do.

Are they protecting public safety and helping fight crime? Great. We’ll keep them.

Are they creating red tape that doesn’t do anything but build frustrating Ottawa bureaucracy? Then it’s time to change it.

I believe we must do what we can to take illegal firearms off of our streets.

The Liberal government has proposed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy back certain types of firearms. Like many Liberal programs, this too will prove to be an ineffective waste of taxpayer dollars that and misused.

That money would be much better spent supporting law enforcement who understand the particular needs of their communities, developing prevention programs for at-risk youth, and ensuring we have adequate addiction and mental health programs.

I will cancel the Liberal’s gun buyback program and put this money into a national guns and gangs strategy designed to actually fight crime, ensure Canadian Border Services have the resources to prevent the illegal smuggling of firearms, that law enforcement and the justice system have the tools necessary to protect Canadians.

We need to bring a common-sense approach back to improving public safety by ensuring that law-abiding firearms owners understand their obligations and are treated with respect.