Leslyn Lewis for Haldimand – Norfolk

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Canada needs strong, courageous and honest leadership more than ever.
The unprecedented pandemic that has impacted all of our daily lives is going to have repercussions for years to come.

We need a leader with the courage to hold fast to the values that make up the foundation of our democracy. This means no more reckless deficits when the economy is strong, and no more government interference in commercial affairs, or politically motivated values tests tied to program funding.

We need a leader with compassion, balanced with the belief in the value of hard work, to address the needs of seniors and veterans, fair immigration issues, and the many divisions that threaten the unity of our country.

Perhaps most of all, we need to see more common sense from our leaders when it comes to handling key issues like jobs, the economy, and the environment. And where moral and ethical decision-making is the rule and not the exception.

Canada desperately needs a government that is working to serve Canadians, and I want to be a part of making that happen. I am honoured to be your Conservative Candidate Haldimand–Norfolk, and will use my skills, training and lessons learned from being a Conservative Party Leadership Candidate to serve this beautiful riding.

My travels throughout Canada gave me a deeper insight into the plight of our farmers and resource workers and the importance of these sectors and other sectors in rebuilding Canada’s economy. I also witnessed the unique challenges that face rural Canada, and I want to partner with MPs that have been fighting for the voice of rural Canadians to be heard in Ottawa.

I will represent Haldimand–Norfolk with a common-sense political approach in the House of Commons that will address undemocratic policies ushered in by the Liberals including repealing their new attack on hunters and farmers with their latest firearms ban. I will work with the residents of Haldimand–Norfolk to address issues that affect this riding, some of which include:

1. Maintaining the rights of hunters, farmers and law-abiding firearms owners by working to repeal the undemocratic OIC ban;

2. Cutting unnecessary red tape for businesses and farmers;

3. Work with the Minister of Health to close loopholes to illegal medical marijuana grow-ops;

4. Address flooding and shoreline erosion for residents on Lake Erie;

5. Facilitate a broadband strategy to help improve internet access in underserved areas;

6. Work with First Nations communities to reduce conflict by ensuring that we are partners in the prosperity and development of the riding;

7. Work with the Medical Officer of Health and local farmers to reduce red-tape and ensure health compliance for Farm Workers during the Covid19 pandemic;

8. Protecting the lives of Seniors by fighting for decency in their standard of living, and respecting their right to life including living in dignity through all stages of life including palliative care;

9. Assist local farmers to get their products to market, including high investment crops like ginseng by strengthening local and international relationships; and,

10. Consult with elected officials in all levels of government to ensure that the needs of residents are met including access to clean drinking municipal water.

The residents of Haldimand-Norfolk and I share the value of hard work. I will dedicate my time to resolving the above issues, as well as any other that may arise in the riding, and will be a strong voice and advocate for all residents.